Roadmap for the COBOX Universe

Crafting Virtual Realities: The Journey of Cobox Universe.

The journey of the Cobox Universe from concept to launch is a testament to our dedication to creating a comprehensive and immersive virtual ecosystem. Our roadmap outlines the major milestones achieved in the development of the Cobox Universe, highlighting our commitment to innovation and excellence.


  • Q3:

    • Project Ideation: The vision for the Cobox Universe is conceived, laying the foundation for a revolutionary virtual platform.

    • Team Formation: A diverse team of experts in blockchain technology, digital art, game development, and virtual reality is assembled to bring the Cobox Universe to life.


  • Q1:

    • Project Work Start: Development begins, focusing on the core technologies and frameworks that will power the Cobox Universe.

  • Q2:

    • Cobox Land Finding Start: The exploration and designation of virtual land within the Cobox Universe commence, setting the stage for user ownership and development.

  • Q3:

    • Cobox Virtual Land Formation: The creation and structuring of virtual land are completed, offering users the opportunity to purchase and customize their virtual spaces.

  • Q4:

    • Cobox Alpha Version Launch: The alpha version of the Cobox Universe is released, allowing early adopters to explore the platform, test its features, and provide valuable feedback for improvement.


  • Q1:

    • Cobox No-Code Studio Launch: The launch of Cobox Studio, a no-code platform for creating, tokenizing, and monetizing digital assets, marks a significant milestone in empowering users to shape their virtual experiences.

Future Directions:

  • Continued Expansion: Following the launch of Cobox Studio, we will focus on expanding the platform's features, integrating new tools and services, and growing our user base.

  • Community Building: Efforts will be intensified to foster a vibrant community of creators, gamers, and businesses within the Cobox Universe, facilitating collaboration and innovation.

  • Strategic Partnerships: We will seek partnerships with leading technology providers, content creators, and virtual platforms to enhance the Cobox Universe's offerings and interoperability.

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