User Journey in the Marketplace

From Creation to Monetization: Empowering Digital Artistry in the Cobox Universe

The 3D Creators Marketplace within the Cobox Universe is designed to provide a seamless and rewarding experience for digital artists and creators. From profile creation to monetization, each step of the user journey is carefully crafted to ensure ease of use, security, and the potential for growth. Below is an outline of the typical user journey within the marketplace:

1. Profile Creation:

  • Artists and creators sign up for the marketplace, crafting professional profiles that showcase their skills, portfolio, and areas of expertise. This profile serves as their digital storefront, attracting potential buyers and collaborators.

2. 3D Asset Creation:

  • Creators design and upload 3D assets, including but not limited to furniture, vehicles, avatars, and architectural elements. This stage is where creativity meets functionality, allowing artists to bring their visions to life.

3. Asset Verification:

  • To maintain the integrity of the marketplace, each uploaded asset undergoes a rigorous verification process. This step ensures the originality of the content and authenticates the creator's ownership, protecting both creators and buyers.

4. NFT Minting:

  • Once verified, assets are minted as Asset NFTs (ERC-721 tokens), with encapsulated metadata that includes details of provenance, ownership, and authenticity. This process transforms digital assets into valuable, tradable commodities.

5. Tokenization & Cataloging:

  • Verified assets are then tokenized and cataloged on the blockchain, making them available for viewing, trading, and purchasing within the marketplace. This on-chain catalog serves as a transparent and immutable record of all transactions and asset information.

6. Monetization:

  • Users browse the marketplace and purchase Asset Tokens (ERC-1155) to use within various virtual settings, such as games, metaverses, and digital environments. This step completes the monetization process for creators, providing them with revenue from their digital creations.

Enhancing the Creator Economy: This user journey is not just a pathway to monetization but a cornerstone in building a vibrant creator economy within the Cobox Universe. By facilitating the easy creation, verification, and trading of digital assets, the marketplace empowers creators and users alike, fostering a dynamic ecosystem where innovation thrives.

Supporting Growth and Innovation: The 3D Creators Marketplace is committed to supporting creators at every stage of their journey. With resources, community forums, and continuous platform enhancements, we aim to nurture a space where creativity and commerce converge, unlocking new possibilities for digital art and virtual experiences.

Key Features:

Asset NFT (ERC-721): Certifies the authenticity of the 3D asset while protecting intellectual and commercial rights.

Asset Tokens (ERC-1155): Facilitates the trading and utilization of assets within the metaverse.

Cobox Analytics: Offers independent measurement of asset performance across the 3D internet.

Public Data Dashboard: Provides transparent data on transactions and asset tracking.

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